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Crossbreeding with Santa Gertrudis

If you are considering or doing Cross Breeding Santa Gertrudis is the ANSWER! In the Stud industry the biggest problem is that breeders forget what the cattle industry is about. Stud breeders can thus start living in their own small world in colour markings and pedigrees that they forget what is really important, namely the requirements of the commercial breeder. If stud breeders would listen to what the commercial breeder says and produce what he wants, he will always be in business. Commercial breeders attend auctions and tend to buy the cheapest bull on sale, no matter what breed it is, it is going to be the new bull / breed in his crossbreeding programme.

What we should be striving for is to be producing the biggest amount of saleable beef from the grass growing on the farm. To achieve this goal, we must breed cattle that will maintain high standard in the following production characteristics: fertility, milk production, vitality, weight gain, length, muscling and temperament. Cattle must also possess constitution, of which the Santa Gertrudis breed has ample.

  • Characteristics with a low heritability, e.g. fertility, the most important characteristic of breed production, cannot be improved upon quickly by selection, but can be greatly enhanced by using Santa Gertrudis bulls in the crossbreeding programme.

  • Mortality goes hand in hand with fertility. Dr Rex Butterfield of Australia once said: “A dead calf still has a distressingly poor growth rate even if we know why he is dead”. Santa Gertrudis cows have a very low calf mortality rate and are renown for producing calves op to 16 years of age.

  • Milk Production is just as important. The commercial breeder cannot afford to try and rectify this characteristic by selection alone when he can do so by using another breed. It is probably the highest single factor that will determine how many kilograms of beef a cow will produce over twelve months, because milk is a food. In the case of the weaner calf producer, the weaning weight produced by the breeding cows per hectare is the correct measurement to use.

  • Fertility is very important, and therefore one must not overlook the cow. It is of the utmost importance that one’s cows are highly fertile.

  • Hybrid vigour is not heritable. With crossbreeding you can find the desired combination to suite your conditions and production system. The bigger the genetic variation between breeds, the better the hybrid vigour. In extensive conditions the best results of crossbreeding will be achieved by crossing an European breed (Bos Taurus) with a Zebo (Bos Indicus) breed or a developed breed such as the Santa Gertrudis.

To maintain this, the crossbreeding programme must be correctly managed (do not buy the cheapest bull on sale). In any crossbreeding system selection with performance and conformation in mind, is just as important as in stud breeding. Thus, one of the most important aspects in a crossbreeding programme is the bull in use. The purchase of a bull must be seen as in investment and not a burden or liability. It is mainly the bull that will determine the quality of your future herd. In influence of the last three bulls you bought into the herd is nearly 90%. The long term effect of a good or poor bull in the future herd is there-fore clearly noticeable.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What natural feed resources are available?

  • What cultivated fodder is economically available?

  • Based on feed resources, what system of production is the most profitable?

  • Finally and most importantly, do I like the breed?

What is a better bull?
It is a bull that when you look at him and his performance records (BLUP figures) and his ancestors and you think he should breed you better calves with better weaning weights than your previous bull, the chances are good that it is a better bull. If the bull meets all your expectations, then you should buy him.

By using a Santa Gertrudis bull, you can of course need only concentrate on one breed because the pure Santa Gertrudis weighs as much at 18 months as other breeds with the advantage of crossbred hybrid vigor. You have the added advantage of having an uniform cherry red herd.

The conclusion:

  • Breed quality for the consumer so that he can feel satisfied and gets value for money.

  • Breed quality for the butcher so that he can keep his customers happy and make a profit.

  • Breed quality for the feedlot owner so that he can keep the butcher happy and also make a profit.

  • Breed quality for yourself because you want to be proud of your product and you deserve to make a profit.


Lasiter said: “Cattle breeding is a simple process - the secret is just to keep is simple”


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2020 Sales & Auctions

Joint Jocharl & Santarust Sale
14 August 2020

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Considering cross breeding Santa Gertrudis!
Are you striving for is to be producing the biggest amount of saleable beef from the grass growing on the farm?

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Jocharl Sale
14 August 2020

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genetics at the next sale, if you're serious
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Veeplaas 2018 - Santa Gertrudis teler verrig
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Santa Gertrudis is the best all-rounder and
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Annual sales held under
the auspices of the
Santa Getrudis Society.