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About Us

The Jocharl Santa Gertrudis stud was established in 1980 and is one of the largest and oldest herds in South Africa. Bulls are born and bred on the field to insure hard, adaptable cattle that will prosper in any part of Southern Africa.

The stud is based on the de Wet’s farm, Doornbult in the Delareyville district, North West, South Africa.

In 1974 I decided to introduce a new breed in my then established commercial beef herd. The search was on for a breed that would produce small calves at birth but with good growth potential that will perform not only on the field but also in the feedlot. I was looking for a breed that would improve the commercial herd with every generation and that would establish a uniform colour. After thorough research the decision was made to buy some Santa Gertrudis bulls.

After just five years of crossbreeding with Santa bulls I was so impressed with the result that I decided to establish the Jocharl Santa Gertrudis stud.

Some of the best imported cows at the time were obtained from Jan Bothma and Piet Nel. Local heifers were also bought from breeders across the country. The bull Locklore 79/55 formed the foundation of the herd. He was a son of the 1978 SA Champion, Locklore Caesar, with good length, muscling and a short sheath. The bulls Sombrero Jeff and Henvia 82/42 put the herd on the map and their offspring’s show results proved that they were a valuable asset to us.

The combination of Toffie Apple and Sombrero Jeff bloodlines exceeded all expectations. Sons bred from this combination were used in our herd and in studs across South Africa.

Only the best breeding material available was used to expand the genetic pool of the herd over the years.

The Jocharl stud has selected since its beginning in 1980 for medium frame, short sheaves, muscling, smooth coat, milk production, fertility, hardiness and adaptability.

All these characteristics are well established after 39 years of dedicated breeding and selection. The herd has grown into one of the ten biggest herds in the country and the Blub figures are above average for the breed with many animals in the top 10% in the country.

Fertility and milk production is an outstanding feature in the herd and has won us many accolades through the years.

The Jocharl stud participated in shows and performance testing since the early eighties and produced many champions over the years on all major shows including Bloemfontein, Vryburg and Johannesburg.

The Jocharl stud has made a big impact on the stud industry in SA and Jocharl blood flows in herds across South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Jocharl stud sires form the foundation of many studs in SA and proved to breed the qualities for which they are famous. Many Jocharl sons were sold for record prices and proved to be good value for money to their owners.

In 2012 semen was imported from Australia of 3 magnificent Santa Gertrudis bulls – Dangerfield Tornado, Dangerfield Second to None and Gyranda Crackerjack. This new addiciotn to the stud opened an exciting new chapter for us and we are looking forward to their offspring.

For 23 consecutive years the Jocharl stud held an annular production sale. One of the longest running annual production sales by a single breeder for all breeds in South Africa. In 2018 we decided to join the Santarust annual sale which is held mid-August each year.


Society Membership

A Member of the Santa Gertrudis Cattle Breeders’ Society of South Africa.
Annual sales held under the auspices of the Santa Getrudis Society.


2021 Sales & Auctions

Jocharl Uitverkoping Veiling
14 April 2021

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M: 083 268 4875 | T: 018 571 3430
F: 018 571 3430 | E: jocharl@lantic.net

GPS : S: 26’48.484 - O: 25’38.575
Doornbult farms in the Delareyville district,
North West, South Africa.

Jocharl Uitverkoping Veiling
14 April 2021

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genetics at the next sale, if you're serious
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Veeplaas 2018 - Santa Gertrudis teler verrig
wondere in die Wes-Transvaal.

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Santa Gertrudis is the best all-rounder and
number one performer in the veld & feedlot!


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Annual sales held under
the auspices of the
Santa Getrudis Society.